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How to do Rohini Nakshatra puja ?

The Rohini Nakshatra is the second Nakshatra among the 27 lunar constellations or Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. This Rohini Nakshatra rashi is Taurus, as it falls entirely into this zodiac sign with its four padas or quarters. Rohini means the “Reddish One” and thus symbolizes passion, energy, and warmth to those born under it. Rohini is a goddess and the favorite wife of the Moon. She is a daughter of Sage Daksha Prajapati and has 26 sisters called other 26 Nakshatras. The birth star of Lord Krishna is Rohini, and thus the Nakshatra has a divine touch.

The Nakshatra gives charismatic charm, attraction, wealth, and creative pursuits to the natives. An Ox is a symbol of the Rohini Nakshatra or a chariot, and these signify diligence, determination, commerce, fertility, and excellent capability to carry and handle ideas and goods. The ruling deity of Rohini nakshatra is Brahma, the creator of the Universe. The influence of Brahma bestows creativity and materialistic tendencies on the native. The Nakshatra is fertile, and due to this trait, the people born under it accomplish their goals in time. They can express their thoughts in their creations. Rohini nakshatra males have strong family values and affection towards beauty, arts, and luxury. The joint influence of the Moon and Venus gives Rohini Nakshatra feminine traits like nurturing and softness.

Why do we do Nakshatra Shanti Puja?

Our horoscope predicts all the good and bad things in our life. When a person takes birth, the Moon and the other planets exert their specific influence on the person. The planets, 27 nakshatras, or the divisions of the lunar path, also affect life. Sometimes, the bad Nakshatra attracts worries, unhappiness, and misery. Often, there is no bad yoga in the kundli, yet the person faces misfortunes. The reason lies in bad nakshatras. Vedic Astrology considers Janma Nakshatra, the Nakshatra in which the Moon prevails during the time of birth. It influences a person's appearance, attitude, personality, and future. Birth Nakshatra has a say in the thinking pattern, personality and destiny of a person. Thus, it is essential to mitigate the harmful effects of the janma-nakshatra through nakshatra puja.

Rohini nakshatra and its bad results

As we have seen, the Rohini nakshatra has most of the positive qualities but to count their downside, these natives are suspicious, over-emotional, indecisive, and extremely boastful, etc. There can be an overindulgence in sexual activities.

When the Moon and Venus position is not good in the chart, the person can have behavioral problems, and his finances will be affected. Venus and Moon are the planets of finance; if they are good, the person earns abundant wealth; else, his finances are unstable, and there can be an economic crisis. The person can have diseases related to genitals and nerves. Rohini Nakshatra names have initials - Va, Vaa, Vi, Vee, Vu, Voo, Wa, and Wu.

How to do Rohini Nakshatra Puja?

The astrologers conduct Rohini nakshatra parihara homa for the natives born under the Rohini nakshatra. To have sound effects of the Nakshatra, it is essential to perform Rohini Nakshatra parihara homa to get desired results in various aspects of life. The homa or puja helps to attain good health, wealth, and prosperity while resolving complex life issues.

One can perform Rohini nakshatra puja on his birthday as per the Hindu calendar (Samvatsara) every year. This ensures protection from negative planetary placements.

People perform Rohini nakshatra puja to rectify the adverse effects of the Nakshatra in a horoscope. The puja also enhances the sound effects of the Nakshatra for the native. Rohini Nakshatra puja can give positivity and power to the Nakshatra to give beneficial results.

The process of Rohini nakshatra puja

A learned priest starts Rohini Nakshatra puja on Monday and finishes it the following Monday. The day of initiating the Rohini Nakshatra puja can sometimes change as per the Hindu panchang. The priests have to complete the chant of the Nakshatra Veda mantra on the specified days. Generally, they can finish chanting or japa of Rohini Nakshatra Veda Mantra within seven days. Hence they usually start this puja on Monday, the day of Nakshatra Lord the Moon.

Benefits of Rohini nakshatra Shanti puja

We can neutralize the bad effects of the planets during their Mahadasha and Antardasha through nakshatra puja. People when to worship the concerned Nakshatra. It enhances inner power and confidence to give favorable results to the person. It helps to get good results while making rohini nakshatra marriage predictions. Also, it affects the thought process, mental state, destiny, and instinct and controls our subconscious mind. By pacification of Nakshatra, we can attain desired results in life. All our miseries and obstructions will vanish while we get good health, wealth, and prosperity

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